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18 November to 24 November 2018 Weekly Forecast


This week, issues related to partnership will be sorted out. Personal life will be wonderful. Married couples will enjoy togetherness. Committed couples will have good time together. Business may remain the cause of concern for you. At the beginning of the week, you must control mood-swings and temper. This week is favourable for establishing or taking forward written communication with people. Those in job may find things going in wrong direction, however, this is a temporary phase and this too shall pass!


During this week, you may have some financial gains Taurians. Those in job will be experiencing comfort and will enjoy working in amicable environment. Those in business may face cut-throat competition. Old contacts may be useful this week and new contacts can also be established, for work and related matters. In personal life, romanticism will increase. Your inclination towards artistic activities will increase.


This is going to be super active and super active week for you. If you are in business, this week is going to remain action oriented and if you are in job, you may have to get used to fast pace environment. You may however feel that you are not in best of your humour and performance, as your sign Lord Mercury is retrograde. This is good time to propose or expect favourable answer from someone. This week looks good for money matters but you must avoid financial misconduct or overspending.


Your enthusiasm level will be great at the beginning of the week. You will foresee some money coming in or good work will be in the offing, which will boost your morals. However, as week progresses, fluctuations in your mood are envisaged. Conflicts and differences with life partner or business partner must be avoided. This is best time to beautify home or add some artifacts in your personal and professional environment. Health will require care and attention. Avoid eating cold items or having cold drinks. You should also try to do regular exercise to maintain good health. It will also keep your body warm.


You should remain unbiased while getting deep in any matter. Negative thinking and doubts can spoil your week and mood both, as your sign Lord is transiting through Scorpio. This week, you may wish to keep some secret from someone or you will feel confused whether to confide in or not. Your mind will be brimming with new ideas. Short distance trips can be planned or executed, with Venus transit in Libra. Towards weekend, Astro Master foresees good time with family or gala time at home. Your financial calculations may go wrong this week so you shouldn’t take any such call this week.


This week, you will be thinking about money matters. Even if there is no financial problem, you might probably wish to work on investment plans. Well, while this is not ideal time to invest, but it’s good time to do some window shopping or have a look at new vehicles and properties. Decision can be kept for a later day. Aggressive communication with business partner or life partner should be avoided to ensure peace in life. You should focus on your performance at work, otherwise serious problems may crop up in job or business.


Astro Master feels that this is going to be busy week for you. Expect hectic routine. Challenge for you is to learn about the whole subject of ‘balance’ and that’s what you would try to do this week. You will have busy work routine. This is good time to weigh career options and contemplate over responsibility vs gain part. You must keep in mind that stability is equally important, while progress often comes with change of job. If you are in business, this week may make you more serious about issues that you are facing in your business. You will start cease fire work. Despite challenges and hectic routine, you might feel that it was a good week.


This week is favourable for making new plans to earn more money. Avoid giving commitments to others, if you are not sure because this week looks demanding at work front and also in personal life. You will be performing well at job or business. You may remain under stress due to external sources, because of which you may end up getting angry at someone. Cool head will help sail through this week in a better manner. Love life can be really good, provided you can be less aggressive and more loving.


This is very favourable week for doing paper work, drawing new plans and writing something that you have been thinking to; since long. Friends, specifically friends of opposite sex may be in active communication with you. Try to use your charisma to get closer to someone. Money matters will remain the cause of concern, due to your past decisions. Career, be it job or business – will be keeping you busy. One on one communication with friends would be good but you may also think of meeting or gathering a group of people. This is best time to reactivate your dormant hobbies Sagittarians.


Astro Master feels that this is going to be favourable week for you. Those in business will be happy with the growth. New business opportunities will start coming your way. Those in job will be experiencing few problems but will be able to get the work done tactfully. Financially, this week is not very strong. Money that you may have earned of lately, will be getting spent in keeping the boll rolling or in routine expenses. However, few weeks down the line, finances are going to improve. Your calculations and future projections may go wrong in the later part of the week so better to keep important meetings during the first half. This is good week to romanticise with someone special.


This is going to be favourable week for money matters, career progress and social life. You will see an increase in your power and influence. You will try to help others, selflessly. You will be able to accumulate good wealth. You will enjoy domestic happiness. There may be some tension related to health or job towards the weekend however weekdays are looking good to Astro Master. This week is good for initiating dialogues with a personal or professional contact, staying at distant place. Astro Mater finds your week encouraging and interesting enough.


You are generally very ‘cool’ but this week, you may end up losing your ‘cool’. Try to study your own emotional ups and downs before you react to someone. Is your anger or frustration valid enough? You will be going great guns in job or business. This week you may have important meetings, resulting in good business or career progress. This is ideal time to appear in job interviews. Your hard work will start paying you good money. Romance may take a backseat for a few days but towards weekend, you may feel that romance is re-ignited.