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Rajinikanth Horoscope Analysis

Superstar Rajinikanth’s birthday is in the offing. This article contains Vedic and Chinese Astrology system based analysis of his horoscope.

Date of birth:- 12th December 1950
Time of birth:- 11:49 PM (most used)
City of birth:- Bangalore

Rajinikanth Natal Chart

Rajinikanth Navmansha chart

Rajinikanth Horoscope Analysis – Vedic Astrology System

Born with Leo Ascendant, Sir Rajini was born to be in the spotlight. Aatmakaraka Sun has given him so much power that his fame would never die. Venus, the 10th house of occupation’s Lord is placed in the 5th house of performance. Venus being significator of art, connected with 2nd house and 11th house Lord Mercury, made him good performer and earning through creative medium.

It is believed that Laxmi Yoga (Chandra Mangal Yuti) gives good results only if this conjunction of Moon and Mars happens in the Kendra (angular houses) and Trikona (Trine). However, Rajinikath’s chart differs with this principle. Although this conjunction is happening in the 6th house of his chart, it has created powerful Laxmi Yoga. Exalted Mars has increased intensity of Laxmi Yoga.

Venus, the 10th house Lord is Swagruhi (occupying it’s own sign) in the Navmansha chart. This increases power of Venus (significator of arts and creativity).

Saturn and Ketu are placed in the second house of finances in his natal chart. This should shrink finances, right? However, Mercury, the Lord of the 2nd house finance is exalted in the Navmansha chart. This factor boosted his financial strength.

Moon governs imagination. It is placed in detrimental sign Capricorn, in the natal chart but it is exalted thus powerful in the Navmansha chart.

Now comes the most interesting part of the reading.
Chinese Metaphysics points towards reality with simple principles and thumb-rules. Rajinikath’s chart is good example of how accurate Advance Chinese Astrology is.

Rajinikanth Horoscope Analysis – Chinese BaZi Astrology System

Here is Rajinikanth’s BaZi Chart (Also known as Phat Chee, Four Pillars or Eight Characters)

Day Master
Xin – Yin Metal Day Master indicates jewellery and any delicate form of matter. This is why, seldom Yin Metal people go unnoticed. They are either in the limelight due to their activities or they put in efforts and come under the spotlight.

Rajinikanth is born with Eating God profile as per BaZi system of Astrology. Eating God profile makes one an artist. So simple and accurate it is ! You don’t have to find too many reasons to say that he is an artist.

Luck Pillars
According to Wikipedia, Rajinikath started his career with Tamil movie Apoorva Raagangal. He then was under the influence of Geng Yang Metal 10 Years luck pillar. He was ought to have a good start during this luck pillar. 1976, Fire Dragon year started producing Earth element that produces his Day Master, Metal so he was noticed more in his movie Moondru Mudichu released in 1976, directed by K Balachander.

On 15th August 1978 Mullum Malarum, directed by J. Mahendran was released. That was the year of Earth Horse. Earth produces metal directly thus Rajinikanth’s Day Master got a great boost during this year. He won an award for this movie.

Element that produces Day Master gives a great boost to the Day Master so those years can be remarkable for anyone.

Rajinikanth is not only a Celebrity Figure. He himself is a subject. Astro Master can go on writing pages about him. However, glimpses given above are throwing light on the matter that Astrology is a perfect science if we delve and search for various dimensions. Astrology is deeper than popularly known Sun sign and Moon sign forecasts.

Nearer future
Recently, Rajinikanth’s luck pillar has changed. At the age of 68, he has entered Yi – Yin Wood luck Pillar. That Luck Pillar’s Earthly Branch is Goat – Yin Earth. Wood destructs Earth and Earth is the Element that produces his Day Master i.e. Metal. However the Earthly Branch element Yin Earth, will keep producing DM (Day Master) Metal. It is to be noted that it’s Yin Earth that will be producing DM not Yang Earth.

These factors indicate Rajinikanth is now likely to slow down a bit. He will have to be more careful about health and related matters during the years to come. Although it may not be a winding up time for him, he will have to now focus more on personal areas, health and , rather than work. We cannot say that we won’t see him on the screen again but, not so often that is for sure.

Happy birthday to the Superstar Rajinikanth, in advance.

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Rajinikanth starrer Robot 2.0 Box office predictions

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Rajinikanth starrer Robot 2.0 Box office predictions

2.0 release time chart

2.0 will be releasing with Aquarius Ascendant. Yogakaraka planet Venus is Swagruhi in the Bhagya Bhuvan. There is Stellium of 3 planets Sun, Jupiter and retrograde Mercury in the 10th house. Saturn is in the house of gains, aspecting the Ascendant by third aspect.

Moon is in Leo, sign ruled by Sun and Sun is in Scorpio sign in which Moon debilitates. This way, Moon becomes Anyo Anya Neecha (becoming debilitated by exchange)

Astro Master feels that 2.0 is not going to open full house in major territories, except for south India.

However, it’s going to see housefull boards towards the end of the week, as transiting Moon will be conjunct transiting Venus in the weekend.

Film may receive mixed reviews. Critics may come up with different opinions than viewers. Even viewers going with lot of expectations will be disappointed a bit.

Biggest advantage is, Yogakaraka planet Venus is powerfully placed in the release time chart. Considering this, Astro Master feels that 2.0 is going to set a new benchmark at box office. It will be a major hit in southern territories. There will be good business in north India and abroad too, however it cannot be compared with the business that it will do in the south Indian territories.

This film will not only be nominated for awards but it will also win some.

In short, 2.0 is going to be the blockbuster, despite some challenging planetary positions in the release time chart.

These predictions are based on astrological principles. Objective of such predictions is not to praise or criticize anyone or anything. Astro Master and AstroByMasters Team constantly attempts to apply astrological rules to various subjects, events and people for research and entertainment purpose, to create more awareness about astrology.

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25 November to 1 December 2018 Weekly Forecast


During this week you will be dealing with career related issues. Week may begin with some problems at domestic front but may get sorted by the weekend. You may feel that your efforts are not giving you desired results. Health may require attention this week. Personal life/relationship may go smooth. On the whole, it’s a mixed week as per Astro Master’s view.


During this week, you may remain concerned about money matters. You will be trying to save more money but circumstances may be such that you will have to spend money. Partnerships or associations with others may bring you good results. Astro Master feels that this week is going to remain average for those aspiring to start something new. Nevertheless, you will be able to maintain your routine activities almost as per the schedule.


This is going to be busy week for you. Your outer world is more active and demanding. It will be tough to focus on inner world due to activities that you will be doing in the outer world. In short, it’s neither right time for deep thinking over any matter, nor you will have time to do so. Social interactions will increase. Your personal/professional contacts will be useful.


At the beginning of the week, you may be nostalgic, over-reactive, moody and bit depressed. As the week progresses, your mood will also improve. Those in job will have busy week. Those in business will be busy with travel plans, new developments and ideas. Personal life and domestic front will be good during this week and this matters a lot to you, right Cancerians?


This week you will be focussing on fun and pleasure activities. You will be studying about any subject, much more than usual. You may be bit desperate to achieve some targets. You may wish to go for grooming. Alternatively, this week may inspire you to on a shopping spree. This is ideal time to note down ideas shimmering on the back of your mind. Chances of health issues or accident are there this week, so please be careful Leos.


During this week, you may be turning inward. Your thinking about personal areas will be occupying more of your mental time and space. You at the same time may also be thinking deeply about career/business. While this time is not good for reaching to any firm conclusions related to personal life or professional, this week is good for focussing on the areas that you have ignored till date, knowingly or unknowingly.


You may be in romantic mood this week. Your sense of balance will be good so you will be able to maintain good equations with others. Despite some unrest at domestic front, you will be able to focus on work. This is favourable week to communicate with people living in other cities or states. However, communication with people living abroad may neither remain frequent nor fruitful. It’s advisable to hold plans of taking loans during this week and review situation after mid of next week.


Money is occupying your brain space. You will be busy making new plans of earning more money. Alternatively, you may start working on investment plans. This week is good for tapping or re-tapping business contacts. Those in job will be able to perform well but it’s better to avoid getting emotionally attached with work and be more objective about work related issues. Personal life will be romantic during this week.


You will be overactive and almost restless this week. Friends of opposite sex may play active role in your life. Issues related to vehicle or house may need to be addressed. You will be trying very hard to use your time and energy efficiently, but circumstances may not allow you to do so. This is ideal time to note down your short and long term goals so that as soon as Mercury turns direct, you can start chasing your targets.


This is excellent week at business/career front. However, during this week, you may need to spend more time with yourself, rather than others. This week, you may need isolation, seclusion. The reason is, something is making you feel depressed. You fear something that you can’t share with anyone else. You need to come out of it and to do so, you need space. Things will fall in place during next week, so Astro Master advises you just to be patient.


Other people’s contribution in your life during this week, may be remarkable. Your friends and family members will be helping you out. There may be expansion in your friend-circle and you really like networking. This is the best time to aim for more money through job or business. If you need to write an email to your boss, do it now. If you want to jack up your product/service’s price, do it, because stars are in your favour.


During this week, you may feel very ‘tentative’ about some important areas of life. This will bother you and will keep you upset too. Ensure that your unsorted feelings are not expressed through anger on some other situation or person. During this week, your job/business may require your attention. Better to keep other issues on back burner and focus on work, advises Astro Master.

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Future of Patanjali Ayurved Limited

Patajali Ayurved Limited was incorporated on 13th January 2006 at New Delhi. We do not have the time of incorporation thus Surya Kundli has been taken into consideration to do this reading.

Patanjali Ayurved Limited

Surya Kundli

Incorporated on 13 January 2006 at Delhi, India

Vedic Astrology view

Patanjali Ayurved was incorporated with Mars in it’s own sign Aries. Sun was in fiery sign Sagittarius at the time of incorporation. In the incorporation chart, Jupiter is placed in the sign ruled by Venus and Venus is placed in Jupiter’s sign of debilitation. Venus and Saturn were retrograde at the time of incorporation. Moon was in Ardra constellation.

A study and discussion happened between eminent astrologers of India indicated that slow moving planets indicate Ayurveda because the effect of Ayurvedic medical treatment gives results slowly. In view of the same, here if we notice, Jupiter is in the house of gain. Jupiter is one of the planets of larger cycle. Rahu is in sign ruled by Jupiter and it is forming Square with Sun. This indicates initial struggle that Patanjali might have faced.

Reason behind reduced growth

12 September 2017 to 11 October 2018 was Jupiter return phase for Patanjali. Business should have increased during Jupiter return phase. However, due to Saturn’s adverse transit over natal Sun, Patanjali’s growth has reduced. It didn’t gain desired momentum as compared to previous financial year. Rahu Ketu’s transit over two retrograde planets in Patanjali’s incorporation chart may also mar the business.

Once transiting Jupiter enters Sagittarius in March 2019, Patanjali will witness growth in the business. However, again period between 10th April and 11th August 2019 may prove to be tough for Patanjali’s growth.

In short, challenges are foreseen in business growth of this company in 2019.

Long term future

As per BaZi (Phat Chee) method of Chinese metaphysics, Day Master (DM) of the incorporation chart is Yang Water. It is to be noted that Baba Ramdev’s Day Master is Yin Water (Refer to our article

In Chinese Metaphysics, water represents wealth and flow of water indicates flow of wealth. Astro Master thus notes that as long as Baba Ramdev is associated with Patanjali, company is not going to experience great decline. His Yin Water elements supports company’s Yang Water element to a great deal. It is to be noted that Chairman of the company Balkrishna is not born with day master of water element. He is born with day master of fire element. In other words, Patanjali’s fate is quite linked with Baba Ramdev.


These predictions are based on astrological principles. Objective of such predictions is not to praise or criticize anyone or anything. Astro Master and AstroByMasters Team constantly attempts to apply astrological rules to various subjects, events and people for research and entertainment purpose, to create more awareness about astrology.

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18 November to 24 November 2018 Weekly Forecast


This week, issues related to partnership will be sorted out. Personal life will be wonderful. Married couples will enjoy togetherness. Committed couples will have good time together. Business may remain the cause of concern for you. At the beginning of the week, you must control mood-swings and temper. This week is favourable for establishing or taking forward written communication with people. Those in job may find things going in wrong direction, however, this is a temporary phase and this too shall pass!


During this week, you may have some financial gains Taurians. Those in job will be experiencing comfort and will enjoy working in amicable environment. Those in business may face cut-throat competition. Old contacts may be useful this week and new contacts can also be established, for work and related matters. In personal life, romanticism will increase. Your inclination towards artistic activities will increase.


This is going to be super active and super active week for you. If you are in business, this week is going to remain action oriented and if you are in job, you may have to get used to fast pace environment. You may however feel that you are not in best of your humour and performance, as your sign Lord Mercury is retrograde. This is good time to propose or expect favourable answer from someone. This week looks good for money matters but you must avoid financial misconduct or overspending.


Your enthusiasm level will be great at the beginning of the week. You will foresee some money coming in or good work will be in the offing, which will boost your morals. However, as week progresses, fluctuations in your mood are envisaged. Conflicts and differences with life partner or business partner must be avoided. This is best time to beautify home or add some artifacts in your personal and professional environment. Health will require care and attention. Avoid eating cold items or having cold drinks. You should also try to do regular exercise to maintain good health. It will also keep your body warm.


You should remain unbiased while getting deep in any matter. Negative thinking and doubts can spoil your week and mood both, as your sign Lord is transiting through Scorpio. This week, you may wish to keep some secret from someone or you will feel confused whether to confide in or not. Your mind will be brimming with new ideas. Short distance trips can be planned or executed, with Venus transit in Libra. Towards weekend, Astro Master foresees good time with family or gala time at home. Your financial calculations may go wrong this week so you shouldn’t take any such call this week.


This week, you will be thinking about money matters. Even if there is no financial problem, you might probably wish to work on investment plans. Well, while this is not ideal time to invest, but it’s good time to do some window shopping or have a look at new vehicles and properties. Decision can be kept for a later day. Aggressive communication with business partner or life partner should be avoided to ensure peace in life. You should focus on your performance at work, otherwise serious problems may crop up in job or business.


Astro Master feels that this is going to be busy week for you. Expect hectic routine. Challenge for you is to learn about the whole subject of ‘balance’ and that’s what you would try to do this week. You will have busy work routine. This is good time to weigh career options and contemplate over responsibility vs gain part. You must keep in mind that stability is equally important, while progress often comes with change of job. If you are in business, this week may make you more serious about issues that you are facing in your business. You will start cease fire work. Despite challenges and hectic routine, you might feel that it was a good week.


This week is favourable for making new plans to earn more money. Avoid giving commitments to others, if you are not sure because this week looks demanding at work front and also in personal life. You will be performing well at job or business. You may remain under stress due to external sources, because of which you may end up getting angry at someone. Cool head will help sail through this week in a better manner. Love life can be really good, provided you can be less aggressive and more loving.


This is very favourable week for doing paper work, drawing new plans and writing something that you have been thinking to; since long. Friends, specifically friends of opposite sex may be in active communication with you. Try to use your charisma to get closer to someone. Money matters will remain the cause of concern, due to your past decisions. Career, be it job or business – will be keeping you busy. One on one communication with friends would be good but you may also think of meeting or gathering a group of people. This is best time to reactivate your dormant hobbies Sagittarians.


Astro Master feels that this is going to be favourable week for you. Those in business will be happy with the growth. New business opportunities will start coming your way. Those in job will be experiencing few problems but will be able to get the work done tactfully. Financially, this week is not very strong. Money that you may have earned of lately, will be getting spent in keeping the boll rolling or in routine expenses. However, few weeks down the line, finances are going to improve. Your calculations and future projections may go wrong in the later part of the week so better to keep important meetings during the first half. This is good week to romanticise with someone special.


This is going to be favourable week for money matters, career progress and social life. You will see an increase in your power and influence. You will try to help others, selflessly. You will be able to accumulate good wealth. You will enjoy domestic happiness. There may be some tension related to health or job towards the weekend however weekdays are looking good to Astro Master. This week is good for initiating dialogues with a personal or professional contact, staying at distant place. Astro Mater finds your week encouraging and interesting enough.


You are generally very ‘cool’ but this week, you may end up losing your ‘cool’. Try to study your own emotional ups and downs before you react to someone. Is your anger or frustration valid enough? You will be going great guns in job or business. This week you may have important meetings, resulting in good business or career progress. This is ideal time to appear in job interviews. Your hard work will start paying you good money. Romance may take a backseat for a few days but towards weekend, you may feel that romance is re-ignited.

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11 November to 17 November 2018 Weekly Forecast


Retrograde Venus in Libra forming opposition with sign indicates complications in personal and business partnerships. You may be facing challenges at career front. Business may not be excellent but your hard work can help improve the scenario. Those in job must start looking for change. Jupiter’s transit has just turned in your favour so you will be able to take wise and right decisions. Financially, this week seems average. Unexpected expenses are likely. Avoid differences and heated arguments with friends.



Your public relations will improve a great deal. Contacts that you have built till date will come to your rescue when you are in trouble. Your day-to-day routine may not be very enjoyable. You may feel tired more than usual. Work front or business environment will be very active. Pace in life may make you feel tired. You may remain irritated or aggressive while dealing with people and situation. Feeling of loneliness may surround you, even if near ones are around and with you. Old romantic contacts may resurface in your life and may occupy some time and space.



This is going to be an interesting week for you. Despite financial stress at subliminal level, you are going to remain happy. It is favourable time to start new professional unions. At the same time, this is not a very favourable week to begin new personal unions. If you try to propose someone, response may be negative or cold. This is good time to run after your ex, then trying to find new romantic interest ! Those in the field of public relations, will have very busy and fruitful week. Do not hurt someone by saying something that they cannot digest.



You will be trying to maintain fine balance between practicality and emotions. While your heart will be saying something else, your brain will be attempting to find logical solutions to the problems. It’s time to respond to braincells rather than heartbeats. Job front may remain good. You will have less complaints from people and environment. Retrograde Venus in applying square with your sign indicates that you will experience domestic unrest this week. Ensure that your emotional barometer does not depend on what’s happening at home.



Your mind will be full of new and creative ideas. You will be able to take wise and right decisions regarding almost every area of life. Friends may seem to be cooperative and you may gain something from them. Conflicts with business partner or life partner should be avoided as Mars is opposing your sign during this week. Communication with romantic interest may not go right till the weekend but in weekend you may find positive change in written and verbal exchanges with your beloved. Be it job or business, people working under you, seem to be giving hard times this week. Atmosphere at domestic front may remain sunny and bright.



You may pay attention to career and home, both. Younger ones in the family may demand your attention. You will want them to follow certain discipline and if they do not follow, you may get frustrated. During this week, you may not be in mood to travel. If you have to, due to work; you may remain in bad mood or at least unenthusiastic about it. Friend may act weird. Your focus this week will remain more on personal things than career and outer world. During this week, you may also need to pay more attention to financial management and must avoid financial misconduct.



Where are you these days charming and cheerful Librans? You may feel lost in the past or past events. However, towards weekend, things are going to settle back to normal. During this week, you will be paying more attention to communication with others. Short distance trips are likely and will be very joyful as well, fruitful. Stress in love life is foreseen but it would be temporary. This is favourable week for recreational activities, right from sports to Yoga. Challenges at career front may keep you high-strung. Avoid conflicts with authority figures, advises Astro Master.



You may be focussed on ‘self’. During this week, you should avoid getting in ego clashes with others. This week you should also try to stay tuned with your work. It may be hard to prove your metal at work, due to challenges. This is favourable week to buy new house or vehicle. Avoid getting into ‘secret relationships’ this week, it may affect you socially and emotionally. This week is very good for financial gains. Those in business will be able to crack good deals. Astro Master feels that speculative activities may also give you temporary benefits.



It is excellent time to start working on things that you have been dying to initiate. This week, your logical and analytical ability will be good. You may tend to communicate more than usual. You are at best of your wisdom to take sound judgements. Financial ups and downs will bother you a bit. Differences with friends of opposite sex are likely, but may get sorted out during the weekend. You may need to be bit stingy and avoid overspending, keeping forthcoming months in view. Short distance trips may prove to be tiring yet joyful.



You will be feeling lot of pressure on head. Physical and mental fatigue may lead to the need of vacation. This is the time when you should isolate yourself from people and situations generating stress. This week is good for taking long distance trips for leisure. Business may get affected due to past mistakes. Those in job may feel that their hard work is not paying you due returns. You must avoid differences with life partner or business partner throughout this week. Astro Master’s calculation says that next week will be far better than this one.



You are going to remain very busy with your career. This week is good for pushing people or organizations for your business. You may be exercising authority on others. There will be expansion in personal and professional networks. This is good time to connect with like-minded people or groups. Financially, this week seems good. You will not only have satisfactory gains but you will also be able to save money. Health may not support you much so ensure that you don’t stretch yourself for others. You should also avoid working for long hours.



You will be focusing on your career this week. This is good time to expand your work. Freelancers will get more work. Those in business will be getting new orders. Those in job will be coming across new opportunities. There will be clarity in your thinking, which will help you take very good decisions. Astro Master feels that this is ideal time to start filtering people from life. Those who are pulling you down, must stay at distance from you and it is you, who will decide the distance. Money may come but may also be spent like water if you are driven by impulse of buying.


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Purple rain fame Singer Prince : Horoscope Analysis

BaZi Astrology perspective

Eating God Profile

BaZi method, popularly known as Four Pillars of Destiny is so accurate. Prince was Eating God profile. This profile makes one an artist. People born with such a profile enjoy fame, luxury and material pleasure by and large. They are highly creative so their mind is generally engaged in coming up with something new and different. People born with such profile need to maintain fine balance between reality and dream. They generally lack pragmatic approach towards life because of their greater focus on creativity. The other downside is, they do not take responsibility in personal life. They need someone who can take care of practical part of their life and handle responsibilities on their behalf.

Yin Wood

Yin Wood people are opportunists. Their survival instinct is very high. They are flexible in their approach towards things and people which often also leads them to instability in personal life. Most of Yin Wood people are non committal. They can sometimes overly depend on others, for their own advantage. They are manipulative to achieve their targets. Yin Wood people are known for their inconsistency. They are very good at networking and they love to connect with others. In fact, they make friends very fast. Their public relation skill is good.

Vedic Astrology Perspective

Prince Rogers Nelson

Date of birth:- 7th June 1958

Time of birth:- 18 hours 17 min.

City of birth:- Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Venus is significator of arts and creativity. Prince was born with Venus in detrimental sign Aries. Venus in it’s own constellation Bharni makes him a very good actor. Venus in in the sign ruled by Mars and Mars in Pisces, which is sign of exaltation for Venus. Thus, by exchange Venus becomes powerful. This is called ‘Anyo Anya Uchcha’ (exaltation by exchange) principle.

Sun, the planet of fame and power is Swagruhi in the Navmansha chart, with Venus. This also indicates potential to become famous.

Jupiter is in it’s detrimental sign and it is retrograde but it is Vargottami thus powerful.

Moon is in sign ruled by Saturn and Saturn is in Moon’s sign of debilitation so Moon becomes ‘Anyo Anya Neecha’ (debilitated by exchange). This makes person lose control on his emotions during adverse Dasha/planetary transit. Ability to take sound judgement is overpowered by temporal emotional strain. It is to be noted that Prince died of accidental overdose of Fentanyl and there was a doubt that he managed to obtain it through illicit channel, though it was not proven.

Purple Rain

Prince’s one of the popular most numbers includes this song. It was released on 26th September 1984. Dasha sequence on that day was Jupiter/Sun/Mercury/Ketu. Jupiter is Vargottami, Sun is powerful in Navmansha, Mercury is in Rohini constellation, ruled by Moon and Moon rules the 10th house of success in his chart and Moon also plays vital role in creativity. Ketu signifies 7th house of success.

Although this song became famous, due to Ketu’s slightly negative influence in the Dasha system, it reached number 2 in USA for two weeks and was behind Wham’s ‘Wake me up before you go go (George Michael and Andrew John Ridgeley).

Prince will always be remembered for wonderful songs that he has given us.


These predictions are based on astrological principles. Objective of such predictions is not to praise or criticize anyone or anything. Astro Master and AstroByMasters Team constantly attempts to apply astrological rules to various subjects, events and people for research and entertainment purpose, to create more awareness about astrology.

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Keanu Reeves Horoscope

Keanu Reeves Horoscope

2 September 1964

05 hour 18 minutes

Beirut, Lebanon

Natal Promise

Vedic Astrology point of view

Keanu Reeves is born with Leo Ascendant with Sun in Lebo. Both the points are indicating that he is born to be in the limelight. Venus is at Zero degree of cardinal sign Cancer so Venus is Vargottami. This makes him famous through the field of arts. In Dashmansha, Venus is in Pisces, it’s sign of exaltation. This indicates scope of becoming famous through the field of arts.

BaZi Chinese Astrology profile

Keanu’s social profile as per BaZi system is ‘Hurting officer’. This indicates that he is a performer. His main structure is Companion. This indicates active social skill and is highly favourable for those working in media.

Timing of events

A Walk in the Clouds

This film released in Japan on 27th May 1995 when Keanu was under the influence of Saturn major period, Jupiter sub period, Venus sub sub period and Saturn sub sub sub period. Saturn is Swagruhi on an angle in his chart. Jupiter is placed in the 10th house of success, again an angle. Venus is significator of arts and it is Vargottami in his chart, so this Dasha sequence helped him gain fame through this movie.

It was released in USA on 11th August 1995. Dasha sequence was Saturn/Jupiter/Sun/Ketu. Saturn is on angle, Swagruhi. Jupiter is on angle. Sun too is on angle and is Swagruhi. Ketu is in it’s own constellation in the 5th house of performance. This Dasha sequence worked in his favour.

Magical influence of Cazimi

The Devil’s Advocate

Released on 17 October 1997. Dasha sequence was Mercury/Mercury/Rahu/Jupiter/Mercury. It is to be noted that Mercury is on an angle in his chart. Mercury is in Cazimi. Any planet within close proximity of Sun loses it’s strength as it gets combust. However, planet within 17 minutes of the arc is considered to be extremely powerful. So, we can derive that whenever Mercury appears in Keanu’s Dasha sequence, he will be getting good results. Moving forward, Rahu was involved in this Dasha sequence. Rahu is in the 11th house of gains. As it is Rahu is considered to be good in 11th house. Moreover, KP (Krishnamurti Paddhati of Astrology) says that if 11th house is involved in the Dasha sequence, you will have ‘gains’ or you will succeed in the matter. Period !


Released on 31st March 1999. Dasha sequence Mercury/Ketu/Rahu/Saturn/Mercury. Note that Mercury is in Cazimi as explained earlier, Ketu in it’s own constellation Mool, Saturn is on an angle (just to add spice, would like to mention that Saturn is in Rahu’s constellation Shattara or Shatbhisha and Rahu is in the 11th house of gains). Rahu is in the 11th house of gains. Now you know how Cazimi has played major role in Keanu’s career and also the power of planet signifying 11th house?

Personal life

Saturn is in the 7th house in retrogression. It is separative planet. Keanu is unmarried. The 7th house also indicates partners and related matters. He lost his partner Jennifer Syme in 2001. Ketu is a separative planet too. It is in the 5th house of Keanu’s chart. His child with Jennifer was stillborn.

Keanu seems to like his own company the most. With Sun in Leo, that too, in the Ascendant – is not a surprise. His statement “Company becomes an option and not a necessity” indicates that he really likes his company and is not at all sad about being alone.

Keanu’s forthcoming movie ‘Replicas’

Replicas is set to release on 11th January 2019. Ketu/Saturn/Mars/Saturn Dasha sequence will be in force. Influence of other planets in the Dasha sequence has already been explained in this article. Mars appearing in this Dasha sequence has two advantages. First and foremost is, Mars is the Yogakaraka planet for Keanu, he bring born with Leo Ascendant. The second advantage is, Mars is in the 11th house of gains. Considering this, Astro Master feels that Keanu is going to receive lots of applauds for ‘Replicas’. Don’t be surprised if Keanu receives an award for this movie. I am looking forward to the release of this movie. I am sure it would be worth watching.

These predictions are based on astrological principles. Objective of such predictions is not to praise or criticize anyone or anything. Astro Master and AstroByMasters Team constantly attempts to apply astrological rules to various subjects, events and people for research and entertainment purpose, to create more awareness about astrology.

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Happy Diwali 2018 New Moon in Libra

Dear Friends,

Astro Master wishes you a very happy Diwali and prosperous year ahead.

Diwali falls on Kaartik Paksh New Moon (Amaavasya).

Every New Moon indicates new beginnings and every full Moon indicates end.

Effect of New Moon is generally felt till the next new Moon.

2018 Diwali comes up with New Moon in Libra. So, it will be conjunction of Moon, Sun and retrograde Venus in Libra this Diwali.

Socializing is going to remain to the fore, in general. Lot of communication is likely to happen because Libra is air sign. Personal and professional relationships or unions will demand and gain attention as Libra sign rules these factors. People will try to strike balance between things.

As Venus is retrograde, in order to justify something that’s related to past, you may end up hurting something that exists in present. You may try to close your eyes towards truth for the sake of something more illusionary, dreamy or unreal.

New personal / professional unions that establish on this day, may not have very satisfactory and stable future. Be it a personal or professional union (established today), it’s likely to remain rocky.

It’s time to do justice to yourself by striking balance within, rather than seeking solace in unrealistic, gone with the wind (past) or rosy and dreamy thing that you think is real (which is not at all true).

As retrograde Venus is placed in Libra and New Moon is happening in Libra, Astro Master wants to raise an alarm to those in the verge of deciding about their love life. If you decide to get married to the one you love, please be extra cautious and careful. What seems to be ‘love’, may turn out to be a big challenge related to your partner’s ‘ex’, in the future. Best solution is to let 29 days pass and see if there is change in your partner’s behavioural patterns. If you find that your partner is integrated towards the relationship, then only go ahead, otherwise it will be a big mess in the future.

This is excellent time to meditate and fight against the dilemma. This New Moon is good for using your old contacts for business purpose. They can come to your rescue if you put things in black and white in front of them. For some of you, there will be excellent scope of going back to your old business or old job or even company that you left few months/years ago.

All these factors however would depend on your Birth Horoscope. If you are really curious to know what’s in store for you, simply ask Astro Master by clicking on ‘Get Astrological Answer.

Note:- Planetary positions mentioned in the article are Sidereal (निरयन)

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Thugs of Hindostan box office prediction

Thugs of Hindostan
Release date :- 8th November 2018
First show time:- 7:30 AM

Thugs of Hindostan will be releasing with Scorpio Ascendant. Lord of the 10th house of Success is Sun, placed in the 12th house with 12th house Lord Venus (retrograde) and 9th house of fortune’s Lord Moon.

Astro Master notes that Lord of the 11th house of gains Mercury is placed in the Ascendant with 2nd house of finance’s Lord Jupiter.

  1. Planetary positions in the release time chart are indicating that Thugs of Hindostan will do very well at box office.
  2. This film’s overseas business will also be good. People will appreciate the art direction, performance and direction.
  3. This film will be nominated for awards and it will bag some awards too.
  4. After mid of the first week, business will go down a bit.
  5. Media is going to talk a lot about this film and controversies post release, are also likely.
  6. Controversies that surround this film, will benefit it’s business. This film will be criticized well by the audience and it may affect film’s business.
  7. As Jupiter is in the Ascendant, aspecting 5th and 9th house, if film releases with a greater number of prints, it will help it reach mark of crores very fast. Moreover, it should have more number of shows. Basically, strategy ‘more the merrier’, may prove to be too beneficial for this movie.

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