Personalized Monthly and Yearly Forecasts

Periodicity Amount in INR Delivery Time
Personalized monthly forecast (Sample) 599 48 Hours
Personalised Yearly Progressed Report (Sample) 1,200 72 Hours

Personalised Monthly Report

Personalised Monthly Report gives you fair idea about what lies during the ongoing month or during the month ahead. Many people prefer to have this report during last week of previous month, so as to plan their next month well. Keeping monthly report in view, you will be able to micromanage things that you might otherwise be surprised to come across! As this report gives you detailed idea about transiting planet’s influences over natal planets, you will be prepared for good or bad if you have the report handy. This is ideal report for those who believe in planning and useful to those who cannot plan. Astro Master highly recommends this report to everyone to find clarity about what lies ahead during the year. This too, like other reports; is highly personalised. You can order this report for as many months you want.

Personalised Yearly Progressed Report

This report is based on a very special astrological technique called ‘Progressed Chart’ which is also widely known as ‘Day for year theory’. Each day after your birth amounts to an year of your life. The chart used for the calculations is based on number of years passed from birth and those years are added in your date of birth as number of days. This Astrological Technique is very unique and it points towards dimensions set by the destiny that you might not even have thought of! Astro Master recommends everyone to have this report every year, to find out what’s in store. You may order this report at any time of the year, not necessarily around your birthday or around the time when calender year changes. Short and sweet report tells you all about the threads that will be added to your life or removed from life during the year ahead. You can order this report for as many years you want.

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