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Numbers are magical. They can give a positive or negative turn to your life. In order to succeed, you should know which numbers favour you and which numbers work against you.

There are two popular branches of Numerology – Chaldean and Pythagorean. Both the branches have their own methods of calculations and both can be helpful in shaping up your life better.

Astro by Masters can help you succeed with change in the spelling of your name and signature. It can also help you achieve desired success by living in suitable house number, using right vehicle or even using right phone number.

If you are starting a company or launching a project, Numerology can set the name of the project or company to such a number that you succeed easily.

Reiki Healing

Reiki is universal life force of energy. It’s healing power that can help find improvement in diseases that you are suffering from. Reiki works on body, mind, things and events. You can give Reiki just to anything and everything.

Reiki being alternative healing method works wonders if taken regularly.

Reiki by masters is team of two Reiki Masters and a Reiki Grandmaster.

You can also approach us at following contact details for Reiki healing sessions and also to learn Reiki from the Grandmaster.