Astrology Reports 2019

2019 Basic Report

Price: INR 899

2019 is not just change of year. It means something specific to everyone. 2019 Basic Report is ‘bird’s eye view’ of what is in store for you during the year. Sometimes even knowing the trend of the year helps you plan things better. You may have different plans for life and the year may have different destiny designs for you ! By ordering this report, you will be able to have an estimate of what you should do and what you shouldn't.

2019 Detailed Report

Price: INR 1599

Big plans for 2019? New resolutions? Do you think that what you think happens the way you thought? Destiny has special plans for every individual. If you are able to handle the moment well, it will turn the time in gold, else it may turn the time in soil. Every planetary influence has something to offer or something to take away. Which sacrifice is worth and which is not worth, is more important to know. Astrological torchlight helps you walk on the path with awareness about pitfalls likely to come your way. It also helps you grab the opportunity when it’s approaching – you will have least probability of missing out on golden chances if you have 2019 Detailed Report as ready reference.

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