Reiki Healing

Healing full body: Reiki Heals everything. The benefit of a full body healing is that all the major parts & organs of human body are healed with cosmic energy which enables them to functions in a well & balanced manner, which in turns helps live a more balanced life.

Healing the mind: Mind / Mental healing is one of the major sections of full body healing. Out of 10 diseases 8 are found to be on mental grounds only. In the fast paced & stressful life style people tend to becomes mentally sick more easily then biological only.

Healing emotions: Emotions play a very big role in making a person what she / he is. The flow & dimension of emotions determined the health & mentality of the person. Emotional healing will uplift a person from his / her blocks & help the person rise in the emotions with looking at the better & brighter sides of life.

Situational & House Healing: With Reiki being the purest form of energy which has very profound nurturing nature, it is also possible to heal places / house & situations in life.

Body, heart and mind healing: Reiki Is pure energy & energy is everywhere & in each & everything, from micro levels to almost anything in this universe. Reiki always functions all the 3 main dimensions of a human being which help the person to create a balance. This existence is always about creating a balance of energies into oneself.

Healing Medicines by Reiki: Healing can be done in all of its forms, & one of them is medicines made by Reiki. The water we drink, the food we eat etc can all be purified & can be converted into healthy & healed food for our Body, Mind & Consciousness.

Aura Cleaning: Aura is the energy filed around with which we are born & it is with us when we die. Aura color, range & flow depends on what a person is doing, thinking, feeling etc. Cleaning & purifying the Aura levels help the person retain & sustain health biologically, mentally & emotionally.

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