Weekly Forecast

Weekly forecast 9 December to 15 December 2018


This week is going to give you mixed results in various areas of life. At the beginning of the week, you may be bit stressed about your career and related matters. Health wise, this is going to remain sensitive week. Change in diet plan, less stressful routine will surely be of good help in maintaining good health. Those willing to go for higher education or already doing their masters, have stars in their favour. You may feel very lusty during this week.


There are scopes of gaining through partnership during this week. Relations with life partner may remain friendly however, aggressive and over-critical approach may affect the relation. Problems in your house or vehicle may drain your money. This is favourable week to propose someone. Communication with opposite sex will remain good. Job may pay you tangible or intangible rewards. Business may do average, feels Astro Master.


During this week, you will be working hard to prove your metal at work. Health may get affected if you don’t maintain your routine. Relations with your romantic interest may improve after middle of this week. Money matters may remain the cause of concern for you. Routine may be hectic, yet interesting. You must avoid committing to others, without checking ground-realities.


During this week, you will remain very fluid. There will not be stability in your thinking and approach towards things. However, the brighter side of this matter is, you will not be stuck anywhere. You may think of incurring debt this week. Temptation to buy something of your interest, would be very high. Relations with people living at long distance may remain good.


You will be more focussed on comfort this week. Your sign Lord is in Trine with your sign so it’s a favourable week. Enthusiasm level would be very high. People working under you may be creating some issues so be careful while dealing with them. You may wish to bring radical change in your team. If you are in business, positive changes in the business are envisaged. Astro Master feels that if you are not careful in matters related to heart and money, you may end up making wrong choices now, and will repent on your decisions later.


This week will leave you confused about major decisions of life. More logic you apply to things, trickier it will become. Keeping things simpler would be better idea. Try to think in ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ manner, rather than applying too much brain on it. Internal changes are happening this week but outer life – business or career front may not remain very eventful. This is good time to develop new hobbies, indicates Astro Master.


Librans, this week you will be luckier in financial matters. You will be proud of hard-earned money. You may feel that you are lucky in many ways. Domestic front may remain unsettled due to one or the other issue. Short distance travel plans may need to be put on hold for a while. You will be more focused on outer beauty than inner beauty. You should avoid incurring huge debts this week.


You can do lots of good things during this week. Astro Master finds your financial graph going up. People around you, will be giving you more importance. You may be in mood to express yourself. True expression of feelings will be reciprocated by your dear one. Your hard work will result in increased business or expansion of career. By and large, this is a good week for you.


Sagittarians, you will be in good humour this week. Land or house related important work will be done. Other people’s opinion about you and your work, will not matter much to you. Wisdom that’s growing within, will keep guiding you about the way ahead, so chances of going wayward are very less. You will remain concerned about money blocked. It’s time to find ways to unblock that money. During this week, you will be determined to find new sources of earning.


It’s time to follow certain disciplines and maintain the same, for longer time. You will be turning more inward and spiritual this week, although your outer world demands materialistic approach. Those who are emotionally close to you, will know about this change. Transit of Venus and Mercury, being highly favourable – you will be able to achieve desired targets this week. You will need to control emotional outbursts this week. Alternatively, you may become very aloof and silent.


This is going to be one of the best weeks for you. Direct actions may generate good money. You will be able to generate lot of good-will too. You will increase personal and professional contacts. People you come in contact with, during this week – will play important role in your life. If you are in creative industry, this week is going to be fabulous. Such planetary positions do not occur very often, so Astro Master advises you to make the best use of this week.


This week is going to keep you busy with your career and outer world. You are actually a person who loves to deal with internal world much more than the outer world. However, demands from others will need to be addressed. Your friends will seem distant in their behaviour and thinking both. You will realise that it’s only you, who will have to fight the battle. You don’t have much time to think or scrutinize. Just go ahead and win the game.