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Pari – Box Office Predictions

pari box office predictions

Pari will be releasing on 2nd March 2018, with Aries Ascendant.

Ketu’s position in the 10th house indicates that the film is likely to succeed lesser than expected.

The stellium of Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Neptune in the 11th house of the release time chart indicates that it will earn a good amount in some territories but not in major pockets that Bollywood counts on.

Moon in Leo in the 5th house of release time chart indicates that female lead’s performance in this movie will be highly appreciated.

Ascendant Lord is in the 8th house and Ketu is in the 10th house so producers may think of changing the release date. If they do so, it will prove to be a good decision for the movie.

By and large, Pari is not going to do extra-ordinary at the box office.

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These predictions are based on astrological principles. Objective of such predictions is not to praise or criticize anyone or anything. Astro Master and AstroByMasters Team constantly attempts to apply astrological rules to various subjects, events and people for research and entertainment purpose, to create more awareness about astrology.

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Valentine’s Day Predictions

Valentine's day predictions


You will be spending lot of time behind searching for the right one. You are going to take initiative to express yourself. Destiny be, you will be able to take the person to your personal area, however, you need to be careful of losing interest in the person after reaching the halfway.

Valentine's day predictions


On this Valentine’s, you will be putting the so-called relationship or friendship on tight scrutiny. You will be able to make new friends, however, you may take a lot of time to filter the right ones. Even if you are attracted to someone, you will see to it that he/she is loyal enough to you.

Valentine's day predictions


You will be establishing a new relationship this Valentine’s. However, if you don’t keep your flirtatious nature in control, you won’t be able to maintain established the relation. You do stand a chance to get closer to someone physically but instead of looking for special moments in life, you should learn to make your life a special moment!

Valentine's day predictions


You expect too much, don’t you? Be patient and you will win the game. Go with the flow, nurture existing relationship and you will be getting due returns too. However, keep expectations within the boundaries of reality. That will help take more practical decision regarding love life.

Valentine's day predictions


You will look for dimensions and depth in the ongoing relations. Combination of emotional and physical satisfaction will matter a lot to you, Leos. The one who treats you with more respect and makes you feel special like King or Queen – will steal your heart. You are suggested to be bit flexible to find ‘true love’ and maintain it then on.

Valentine's day predictions


You may fall for someone whom you meet regularly, for example at partner at work, a friend at gym or buddy at music or Yoga sessions. More regular you are in touch with that person, better it would be for you and him/her. However, you need to change your fixed routine a bit and go extra mile too, in order to keep it going smoothly.

Valentine's day predictions


You are likely to fall for someone interesting. However, look before you leap. Don’t put ongoing relations in trouble. Ensure that you are not confused and are cent percent sure of what you are looking for. If you like someone’s company, you are going to go that way.

Valentine's day predictions


Someone is slowly going to start occupying space in your heart. You need passionate love relationship but you also need to work on yourself before making someone permanent in your life. Try to see beyond the body, as mind lasts more than beauty. You will want to settle with someone this time.

Valentine's day predictions


It’s a very lucky valentine for you. Communicate nicely and express yourself honestly like you do. If not today, tomorrow your ‘Valentine’ would start with this quality. If you are flirting around, this is the time to look for stability and emotional security. If you fail to remain loyal, you may miss a golden chance. Those already in relationship will stand a chance to travel with the sweetheart.

Valentine's day predictions


Family life and love relationship with someone should not cross each other’s lines. If you like someone, accept him/her with shortcomings and don’t go by the family background only. If you are already in relationship, this is the time to spend some money to make him/her feel special.

Valentine's day predictions


Transit of Venus through its sign of exaltation, next to your sign – indicates that you are most likely to be lucky in case of love and related matters. This Valentine may turn out to be interesting for you, for, someone is going to spend money to make you feel special. Love is on your way and if you really like the fellow, go ahead without any delay.

Valentine's day predictions


Winning someone’s heart is an art but falling for someone will give you a good start. You are likely to be madly in love with someone. This Valentine’s day is going to bring a fresh air in your life and this is irrespective of your current relationship status.

Valentine's day predictions

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