Astro by Masters is venture of very well-known and highly experienced Astro Master, who has been guiding people online since past 15 years out of his total experience of 30 long years in the field of Astrology.

Astro Master strongly believes in the statement that ‘Astrology is a science, but prediction is an art’. Astro Master believes that all predictive sciences exist since ages just because they work. An astrologer just needs to know, when to use which method. While free will plays it’s own role in life, more than 95% people live life as they are destined to live.

Astrology is an ocean of knowledge and there is nothing that cannot be foreseen. It dwells deep in human psychology and is able to foretell, how person thinks, what would be his/her reaction to the situation and what would be the outcome. Detailed study of metaphysics can help have clearer view about fate, destiny, future.

Whether past determines future or not, Astrology is the tool that can see through the codes of destiny and can analyse the DNA of your future.

The basic idea of starting this website is to guide as many people as we can, with Astro Master’s knowledge and wisdom.

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