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Akash Ambani and Shloka Mehta prediction about married life

Akash Ambani and Shloka Mehta prediction about married life

Note:- In absence of accurate and authentic birth time, this astrological analysis is based on Surya Kundli of both the individuals. Planetary positions mentioned are Sidereal, Chitra Paksha Aynamsha.

Son of Mukesh and Nita Ambani, Akash tied knot with Shloka Mehta on 9th March 2019. Akash Ambani’s date of birth is 23 October 1991 and Shloka Mehta’s date of birth is 11 July 1990.

Akash Ambani and Shloka Surya Kundlis

Venus is prime significator of love. Akash is born with Venus in Leo where as Shweta is born with Venus in Taurus. As their natal Venus forms square with each other, going forward as a couple – it will be very difficult for both of them to understand each other’s needs in love.

Akash is born with Mercury in Libra so he is the one who will try to strike balance via communication. Shloka is born with Mercury and Ketu in Cancer. She may express her deepest emotions to him and sometimes she may express her emotions more aggressively. As there is Square between her and his Mercury, chances of arguments between the couple would increase.

Akash is born with Sun and Mars in Libra where as Shloka is born with Mars in Aries. This is potent configuration for aggressive behaviour. The couple will really have to learn to avoid behaving aggressively with each other.

In short, this union although appears stronger as per their wedding pics and the way marriage was celebrated, the road ahead may not be very easy for the couple.

Both will need to put in lot of efforts to strike balance in married life. They will have to work together in order to enjoy conjugal bliss. As there are lesser ‘contact points’ in their horoscope (Sign to sign superimposition), they may realise that both are very different individuals. They will have to find common grounds to firm the base of the relationship. Common personal and professional goals can help them stay stronger and longer in this relationship.

These predictions are based on astrological principles. Objective of such predictions is not to praise or criticize anyone or anything. Astro Master and AstroByMasters Team constantly attempts to apply astrological rules to various subjects, events and people for research and entertainment purpose, to create more awareness about astrology.