Auspicious and Inauspicious periods of the day

Rahu Kaal, Gulik Kaal and Yam Kaal are three important periods of the day. These periods are of 1 hour and 30 min. Depending on the Sunrise of your location, period may vary.

Period mentioned below are considering Sunrise at 6 AM. You are suggested to adjust time as per local Sunrise time.

These periods prove to be ready reckoner. You may use it as Mahurta, without getting much into the details. Please note that personalized Mahurtas hold higher priority than these periods, as these periods do not have any personalized touch at all.

Rahu Kaal

Rahu Kaal is considered inauspicious period of the day. While Rahu Kaal operates, one should avoid carrying out any auspicious work. Due to Rahu’s negative influence, auspicious work carried out during this period will not bring good results.

In ancient times, this period was avoided for Yagna, Hawan, marriage, engagement, Grih Praveh etc.

In today’s time, it is to be avoided for purchase of goods, opening new bank account or locker, purchase of stocks/shares, gold, house, vehicle and any important item of day to day use, including mobile and computer.

Rahu Kaal Table

Sunday16 H. 30 M.18 H. 00 M.
Monday07 H. 30 M.09 H. 00 M.
Tuesday15 H. 00 M.16 H. 30 M.
Wednesday12 H. 00 M.13 H. 30 M.
Thursday13 H. 30 M.15 H. 00 M.
Friday10 H. 30 M.12 H. 00 M.
Saturday09 H. 00 M.10 H. 30 M.

Gulik Kaal

Gulik being son of Saturn, carries effects of Saturn. Tasks carried out during this period, need to be redone.

As tasks done during this period get repeated, it is considered to be good period to begin new things. Growth is promised if something new is started during this period of the day. It is also considered to be a good time to learn new things because if you start learning new things during this period, you will be able to learn it better and firm the base due to repetition.

Gulik Kaal Table

Sunday15 H 00 M16 H 30 M
Monday13 H 30 M15 H 00 M
Tuesday12 H 00 M13 H 30 M
Wednesday10 H 30 M12 H 00 M
Thursday09 H 00 M10 H 30 M
Friday07 H 30 M09 H 00 M
Saturday06 H 00 M07 H 30 M

Yam Kaal

This period of the day is considered highly inauspicious. As we know, Yama is Lord of death. Negative energies are profound during this period. All good activities like important meeting, travelling, financial activity, beginning of new tasks etc. should be avoided during this period.

It would be good to pray during this period, in order to remain devoid of negative influence of the said period.

YamGand Kaal Table

Sunday12 H 00 M13 H 30 M
Monday10 H 30 M12 H 00 M
Tuesday09 H 00 M10 H 30 M
Wednesday07 H 30 M09 H 00 M
Thursday06 H 00 M07 H 30 M
Friday15 H 00 M16 H 30 M
Saturday13 H 30 M15 H 00 M