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Happy Diwali 2018 New Moon in Libra

Dear Friends,

Astro Master wishes you a very happy Diwali and prosperous year ahead.

Diwali falls on Kaartik Paksh New Moon (Amaavasya).

Every New Moon indicates new beginnings and every full Moon indicates end.

Effect of New Moon is generally felt till the next new Moon.

2018 Diwali comes up with New Moon in Libra. So, it will be conjunction of Moon, Sun and retrograde Venus in Libra this Diwali.

Socializing is going to remain to the fore, in general. Lot of communication is likely to happen because Libra is air sign. Personal and professional relationships or unions will demand and gain attention as Libra sign rules these factors. People will try to strike balance between things.

As Venus is retrograde, in order to justify something that’s related to past, you may end up hurting something that exists in present. You may try to close your eyes towards truth for the sake of something more illusionary, dreamy or unreal.

New personal / professional unions that establish on this day, may not have very satisfactory and stable future. Be it a personal or professional union (established today), it’s likely to remain rocky.

It’s time to do justice to yourself by striking balance within, rather than seeking solace in unrealistic, gone with the wind (past) or rosy and dreamy thing that you think is real (which is not at all true).

As retrograde Venus is placed in Libra and New Moon is happening in Libra, Astro Master wants to raise an alarm to those in the verge of deciding about their love life. If you decide to get married to the one you love, please be extra cautious and careful. What seems to be ‘love’, may turn out to be a big challenge related to your partner’s ‘ex’, in the future. Best solution is to let 29 days pass and see if there is change in your partner’s behavioural patterns. If you find that your partner is integrated towards the relationship, then only go ahead, otherwise it will be a big mess in the future.

This is excellent time to meditate and fight against the dilemma. This New Moon is good for using your old contacts for business purpose. They can come to your rescue if you put things in black and white in front of them. For some of you, there will be excellent scope of going back to your old business or old job or even company that you left few months/years ago.

All these factors however would depend on your Birth Horoscope. If you are really curious to know what’s in store for you, simply ask Astro Master by clicking on ‘Get Astrological Answer.

Note:- Planetary positions mentioned in the article are Sidereal (निरयन)

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