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Imran Khan new Pakistan Prime Minister

Imran Khan new Pakistan Prime Minister

5 October 1952

11:55 AM

Lahore Pakistan

Imran Khan birth chart

Note:-Various sources have given Imran Khan’s different birth details, however, the one taken into consideration to write this article is the authentic most, according to our research.

Imran Khan is born with Mars in Fiery sign in Sagittarius Ascendant. It is to be noted that there is Square between Sun and Mars and there is a conjunction of Sun and Saturn. Both are indicative of the hardships that he faced during his career in sports and politics both.

Born with Gajkesri Yoga in the 5th house, opposed by Swagruhi Venus, Imran Khan is a lucky fellow.

Jupiter though is retrograde, we should not forget that ‘benefic is a benefic is a benefic’. Look at the results! He won election during Jupiter major period, sub-period of Saturn and Sub sub-period of Jupiter.

He is under Rahu return period. Rahu is in Capricorn – an earth sign – the 10th sign of the universal zodiac. Astro Master will also attribute his victory to Rahu return period as Rahu is well placed in the earth sign in 2nd house of his chart.

Imran Khan is going to face challenges during his tenure, initially – at least till January 2020. He may, however, be able to gather goodwill till October 2018, post which, more challenges are foreseen.

Imran Khan Chinese astrology BaZi profile

Born with Yang wood Day Master, Imran Khan is born with the immense power of determination and strong will. Like tree provides shelter and support to others, he will be doing noble tasks in life. He will try to do good to others in whichsoever way possible. As a politician, he will face challenges with a smile on his face and will do what’s good for everyone (society).

His Seven Killings profile indicates that he won’t mind taking risks. During 2018, his Seven Killings profile is very active, which will make him successful even if he takes risks. His direct officer profile (Diplomat profile) is 88% in his BaZi Natal chart and during 2018 this profile is extremely active. As Diplomat he is likely to do very well.

However, being primary profile Seven Killings, Imran Khan will have to be extra careful of the opposition and rivals.

By and large, Imran Khan is likely to bring about many positive changes in Pakistan but the position will also be bundled with challenges that he will be able to face with due courage and determination.

Astro Master’s best wishes to Imran Khan as new Prime Minister of Pakistan.

These predictions are based on astrological principles. Objective of such predictions is not to praise or criticize anyone or anything. Astro Master and AstroByMasters Team constantly attempts to apply astrological rules to various subjects, events and people for research and entertainment purpose, to create more awareness about astrology.

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