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Keanu Reeves Horoscope

Keanu Reeves Horoscope

2 September 1964

05 hour 18 minutes

Beirut, Lebanon

Natal Promise

Vedic Astrology point of view

Keanu Reeves is born with Leo Ascendant with Sun in Lebo. Both the points are indicating that he is born to be in the limelight. Venus is at Zero degree of cardinal sign Cancer so Venus is Vargottami. This makes him famous through the field of arts. In Dashmansha, Venus is in Pisces, it’s sign of exaltation. This indicates scope of becoming famous through the field of arts.

BaZi Chinese Astrology profile

Keanu’s social profile as per BaZi system is ‘Hurting officer’. This indicates that he is a performer. His main structure is Companion. This indicates active social skill and is highly favourable for those working in media.

Timing of events

A Walk in the Clouds

This film released in Japan on 27th May 1995 when Keanu was under the influence of Saturn major period, Jupiter sub period, Venus sub sub period and Saturn sub sub sub period. Saturn is Swagruhi on an angle in his chart. Jupiter is placed in the 10th house of success, again an angle. Venus is significator of arts and it is Vargottami in his chart, so this Dasha sequence helped him gain fame through this movie.

It was released in USA on 11th August 1995. Dasha sequence was Saturn/Jupiter/Sun/Ketu. Saturn is on angle, Swagruhi. Jupiter is on angle. Sun too is on angle and is Swagruhi. Ketu is in it’s own constellation in the 5th house of performance. This Dasha sequence worked in his favour.

Magical influence of Cazimi

The Devil’s Advocate

Released on 17 October 1997. Dasha sequence was Mercury/Mercury/Rahu/Jupiter/Mercury. It is to be noted that Mercury is on an angle in his chart. Mercury is in Cazimi. Any planet within close proximity of Sun loses it’s strength as it gets combust. However, planet within 17 minutes of the arc is considered to be extremely powerful. So, we can derive that whenever Mercury appears in Keanu’s Dasha sequence, he will be getting good results. Moving forward, Rahu was involved in this Dasha sequence. Rahu is in the 11th house of gains. As it is Rahu is considered to be good in 11th house. Moreover, KP (Krishnamurti Paddhati of Astrology) says that if 11th house is involved in the Dasha sequence, you will have ‘gains’ or you will succeed in the matter. Period !


Released on 31st March 1999. Dasha sequence Mercury/Ketu/Rahu/Saturn/Mercury. Note that Mercury is in Cazimi as explained earlier, Ketu in it’s own constellation Mool, Saturn is on an angle (just to add spice, would like to mention that Saturn is in Rahu’s constellation Shattara or Shatbhisha and Rahu is in the 11th house of gains). Rahu is in the 11th house of gains. Now you know how Cazimi has played major role in Keanu’s career and also the power of planet signifying 11th house?

Personal life

Saturn is in the 7th house in retrogression. It is separative planet. Keanu is unmarried. The 7th house also indicates partners and related matters. He lost his partner Jennifer Syme in 2001. Ketu is a separative planet too. It is in the 5th house of Keanu’s chart. His child with Jennifer was stillborn.

Keanu seems to like his own company the most. With Sun in Leo, that too, in the Ascendant – is not a surprise. His statement “Company becomes an option and not a necessity” indicates that he really likes his company and is not at all sad about being alone.

Keanu’s forthcoming movie ‘Replicas’

Replicas is set to release on 11th January 2019. Ketu/Saturn/Mars/Saturn Dasha sequence will be in force. Influence of other planets in the Dasha sequence has already been explained in this article. Mars appearing in this Dasha sequence has two advantages. First and foremost is, Mars is the Yogakaraka planet for Keanu, he bring born with Leo Ascendant. The second advantage is, Mars is in the 11th house of gains. Considering this, Astro Master feels that Keanu is going to receive lots of applauds for ‘Replicas’. Don’t be surprised if Keanu receives an award for this movie. I am looking forward to the release of this movie. I am sure it would be worth watching.

These predictions are based on astrological principles. Objective of such predictions is not to praise or criticize anyone or anything. Astro Master and AstroByMasters Team constantly attempts to apply astrological rules to various subjects, events and people for research and entertainment purpose, to create more awareness about astrology.