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Tabla Maestro Lachhu Maharaj horoscope

Lachhu Maharaj

16 October 1944

Time of birth : Unknown

Lachhu Maharaj Horoscope (Surya Kundli)

Note:- In absence of accurate birth time, horoscope has been casted with Sun’s position in the Ascendant, widely known as Surya Kundli method. India has only one time zone, so city of birth wouldn’t matter in case of Surya Kundli.

Birth data source: Wikipedia

Venus in Libra effect

Lachhu Maharaj was born with Venus in it’s own sign Libra. Venus rules art and creativity. When it occupies it’s own sign, it makes one a great artist. Swagruhi Venus in Lachhu Maharaj’s chart made him a very good artist.

Venus is Amaatyakaraka planet in his chart (planet holding second highest degree) so that also made him earn living through art.

Aatmakaraka and Amatayakaraka factors

If Lachhu Maharaj was born before evening time, Sun would be the planet holding highest degree in his chart, so Sun was Aatmakaraka planet for him and that made him famous because Sun rules glory.

Even if he was born around/after evening time, Sun would have been in Libra at 0 degree. Libra is the sign ruled by Venus (significator of arts) and any planet at zero degree of cardinal sign, falling on the angle of the horoscope would make one famous through the characteristic of that sign so if he was born in the second half of the day, it can be presumed that he was born with the Ascendant of cardinal sign.

If Lachhu Maharaj was born around/after evening, Venus would become the Aatmakaraka planet (planet holding the highest degree in the chart). Generally, works in the field ruled by Aatmakaraka or Amaatyakaraka planet so here also, field of art is applicable.

Additional factor

More to that, Mercury is exalted in his chart, which indicates that his sense of lyric and rhythm was really good.

Very nice of Google to create a Doodle on respected Lachhu Maharaj.

May this great artist remain in our memories for ever.

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