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Nana Patekar and Tanushree Dutta Controversy

Note:- Tanushree’s birth data sourced from

Why the controversy?

Nata Patekar is born with Jupiter and Rahu conjunction, widely known as Chaandaal Dosha in astrology. This indicates defame because of opposite sex (irrespective that one is guilty or not). This is the main reason why Nata Patekar is facing this trouble at present.

If we simply superimpose Nana’s horoscope on Tanushree’s, Nata’s Rahu and Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius (causing Chaandaal Dosha) falls on Tanushree’s Venus in Aquarius. Venus is significator of arts and love. Rahu creates illusions and it casts ill effect on Tanushree’s Venus.

Problem with Tanushree’s horoscope is, she is born with debilitated thus weak Mercury. This factor indicates major problems with communication and chances of miscommunication from their side also increases. Sometimes they over-communicate because their communication skill (ruled by Mercury) is driven by confused emotions (Pisces, dual watery sign).

Tanushree’s rising sign (Ascendant) is Capricorn. It falls in the 6th house in Nana’s horoscope. Nana is born with Leo Ascendant. This sign falls in 8th house of Tanushree’s chart. This is also negative combination as 6th house rules enemies and 8th house indicates difficulties. Considering this, relations between Nana and Tanushree are strained and an incidence has lead to enmity.

Nana Patekar’s Saturn in Virgo falls on Tanushree’s Moon. This is considered as a very negative planetary combination in Synastry, indicating stressful relations between two people.

Tanushree’s Jupiter is in Sagittarius, falling on Nana’s Sun, Venus and retrograde Mercury in Sagittarius. This is highly favourable combination and can prove to be saving Grace in this matter.

Timing of events and retrograde planets

Apparent retrograde motion is the apparent motion of a planet in a direction opposite to that of other bodies within its system, as observed from a particular vantage point. Direct motion or prograde motion is motion in the same direction as other bodies.

So, from earth’s point of view, planet appears to be going backward. Basically, it’s simply theory of relativity.

 Horn OK Pleasss controversy

Tanushree has stated that shooting of film ‘Horn OK Pleasss’ began on 23rd March 2008. Nana Patekar was under the influence of Rahu return at that point in time. Mercury and Venus (significator of communication, love and art; respectively) were also transiting through Aquarius. Rahu was transiting over Nana’s Jupiter too (Jupiter is the significator of moral values). Now, all these things are indicating why Nana is facing problems now. Astro Technically speaking, Rahu is always retrograde and retrograde planets indicate matters related to the past.

Current planetary transit

Venus signifies females, love and art. Currently Venus – the planet of Love and arts is retrograde so with Tanushree’s statement, females in the field of arts and creativity are bringing forth past issues ! Transiting Venus is in Libra sign. Libra sign rules public image and public relations. Transiting Venus is retrograde and is conjunct Mercury, significator of communication. So, female related past issues are being communicated. Sun debilitates in Libra. Venus, Mercury and Sun all three are transiting through Libra – the sign of public image. Sun indicates government, people in position. When it’s debilitated thus weak, government is pressurised, people in power are prone to defamation. By and large, this MeToo hashtag controversy is getting over people’s nerves very fast and it has become the talk of the country.

On 17th November 2018, transiting Venus will be moving direct. After this date, this issue should slow down a bit or should find another direction. Till then, this seems to hover around and keep people’s minds busy.


These predictions are based on astrological principles. Objective of such predictions is not to praise or criticize anyone or anything. Astro Master and AstroByMasters Team constantly attempts to apply astrological rules to various subjects, events and people for research and entertainment purpose, to create more awareness about astrology.

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