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Birthday Report

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  • This birthday report is very special because it is based on Taajik or Tajaka System of Astrology.
  • Every year, transiting Sun returns to the same position as Natal Sun. This is called ‘Solar return’. One day prior to birthday, on our birthday or one day after your birthday – Solar return happens. Other planetary returns may also be happening on the same day when Solar return happens.
  • You will be surprised to know that the birthday greeting ‘Many happy returns of the day’ is based on this principle. In this greeting, the word ‘returns’ is purely astrological !
  • What makes this report different and class apart is, the method that is used to generate this report – Taajik Neelkanthi method. It was pen name of the person who invented this method. Interesting story about this method is, the first book of principles that Taajik Neelkanthi wrote, was in encoded Sanskrit language. Every word of the book was written reversed. This was done in order to save this knowledge from being steeled by people of other culture.
  • Muntha (the sensitive point) and Mudda Dashas are very special features of Taajaka system. Muntha gives you overview of the year ahead, along with Lord of the Year planet. Where as Mudda Dasha gives you fair idea about what might happen during the planetary periods.
  • This report is worth having on hand, if your birthday is approaching. Alternatively, this can be one of the best gifts that you can give on anyone’s birthday.

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