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Jupiter Transit through Scorpio Report

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  • Jupiter is benevolent most planet. It is the largest planet in Solar System. Transit of Jupiter can change the course of your life. It being very positive in nature, can bless you with many good things that you may wish to happen to you. In Sanskrit Language it is called Guru (teacher). It teaches you lessons in a good way, to find improvement in the area of life that it influences in your horoscope.
  • Jupiter being the largest planet, is responsible for expansion in the area of life that it influences. For example, if it influences your body, you may gain weight. If it influences your house of finances, you may grow financially. If it influences your house of fortune, it will brighten up your luck and if it influences your house of occupation, you find good progress at occupational front. If Jupiter influences Mars in your chart, it will increase your vigour and vitality, so on so forth for every house and every planet.
  • Everything depends on the house and natal planets Jupiter influences in your Horoscope. These are the reasons why Jupiter transit report remains very important for everyone. This Jupiter transit report is totally personalised.

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