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Personality Profile (Western Astrology System)

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  • This method is known as Tropical Astrology System or Saayana Jyotish. Zodiac signs and planets used in Indian and Western Astrology although are same, Western Astrology System based personality profile gives you another angle of studying yourself. It adds dimension to astrological reading.
  • Benefits of having Western Astrology based Personality profile
  • Each sentence written in this profile talks about you in such a way that you would know which part of personality needs to be encashed and which part of personality requires moulding.
  • This astrology profile would reveal more about you that you wouldn’t even be aware of.
  • It’s more like a selfie picture but the real one, not the mirror image.
  • Important Note:- Planetary positions (longitudes) would differ from Vedic Astrology System as Indian and Western Astrology system are Technically different, despite being accurate in their own ways.

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