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Rajinikanth Horoscope Analysis

Superstar Rajinikanth’s birthday is in the offing. This article contains Vedic and Chinese Astrology system based analysis of his horoscope.

Date of birth:- 12th December 1950
Time of birth:- 11:49 PM (most used)
City of birth:- Bangalore

Rajinikanth Natal Chart

Rajinikanth Navmansha chart

Rajinikanth Horoscope Analysis – Vedic Astrology System

Born with Leo Ascendant, Sir Rajini was born to be in the spotlight. Aatmakaraka Sun has given him so much power that his fame would never die. Venus, the 10th house of occupation’s Lord is placed in the 5th house of performance. Venus being significator of art, connected with 2nd house and 11th house Lord Mercury, made him good performer and earning through creative medium.

It is believed that Laxmi Yoga (Chandra Mangal Yuti) gives good results only if this conjunction of Moon and Mars happens in the Kendra (angular houses) and Trikona (Trine). However, Rajinikath’s chart differs with this principle. Although this conjunction is happening in the 6th house of his chart, it has created powerful Laxmi Yoga. Exalted Mars has increased intensity of Laxmi Yoga.

Venus, the 10th house Lord is Swagruhi (occupying it’s own sign) in the Navmansha chart. This increases power of Venus (significator of arts and creativity).

Saturn and Ketu are placed in the second house of finances in his natal chart. This should shrink finances, right? However, Mercury, the Lord of the 2nd house finance is exalted in the Navmansha chart. This factor boosted his financial strength.

Moon governs imagination. It is placed in detrimental sign Capricorn, in the natal chart but it is exalted thus powerful in the Navmansha chart.

Now comes the most interesting part of the reading.
Chinese Metaphysics points towards reality with simple principles and thumb-rules. Rajinikath’s chart is good example of how accurate Advance Chinese Astrology is.

Rajinikanth Horoscope Analysis – Chinese BaZi Astrology System

Here is Rajinikanth’s BaZi Chart (Also known as Phat Chee, Four Pillars or Eight Characters)

Day Master
Xin – Yin Metal Day Master indicates jewellery and any delicate form of matter. This is why, seldom Yin Metal people go unnoticed. They are either in the limelight due to their activities or they put in efforts and come under the spotlight.

Rajinikanth is born with Eating God profile as per BaZi system of Astrology. Eating God profile makes one an artist. So simple and accurate it is ! You don’t have to find too many reasons to say that he is an artist.

Luck Pillars
According to Wikipedia, Rajinikath started his career with Tamil movie Apoorva Raagangal. He then was under the influence of Geng Yang Metal 10 Years luck pillar. He was ought to have a good start during this luck pillar. 1976, Fire Dragon year started producing Earth element that produces his Day Master, Metal so he was noticed more in his movie Moondru Mudichu released in 1976, directed by K Balachander.

On 15th August 1978 Mullum Malarum, directed by J. Mahendran was released. That was the year of Earth Horse. Earth produces metal directly thus Rajinikanth’s Day Master got a great boost during this year. He won an award for this movie.

Element that produces Day Master gives a great boost to the Day Master so those years can be remarkable for anyone.

Rajinikanth is not only a Celebrity Figure. He himself is a subject. Astro Master can go on writing pages about him. However, glimpses given above are throwing light on the matter that Astrology is a perfect science if we delve and search for various dimensions. Astrology is deeper than popularly known Sun sign and Moon sign forecasts.

Nearer future
Recently, Rajinikanth’s luck pillar has changed. At the age of 68, he has entered Yi – Yin Wood luck Pillar. That Luck Pillar’s Earthly Branch is Goat – Yin Earth. Wood destructs Earth and Earth is the Element that produces his Day Master i.e. Metal. However the Earthly Branch element Yin Earth, will keep producing DM (Day Master) Metal. It is to be noted that it’s Yin Earth that will be producing DM not Yang Earth.

These factors indicate Rajinikanth is now likely to slow down a bit. He will have to be more careful about health and related matters during the years to come. Although it may not be a winding up time for him, he will have to now focus more on personal areas, health and , rather than work. We cannot say that we won’t see him on the screen again but, not so often that is for sure.

Happy birthday to the Superstar Rajinikanth, in advance.

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