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Simmba box office prediction

28 December 2018
Release time chart

Astrological observations

Simmba will be releasing with Sagittarius Ascendant. Moon will be in Leo. Lord of 9th house of fortune will be in the Ascendant. Venus – the significator of arts and creativity would be in the 11th house in it’s own sign. Lord of the 10th house of success is in the 12th house with Ascendant Lord and 4th house Lord Jupiter. Lord fo 2nd house of finances is Saturn. It is in conjunction with Bhagya Bhuvan (house of fortune)’s Lord Sun – in the Ascendant. Mars and Jupiter are in exchange. Ketu is placed in the second house of finances.

Simmba Box Office Prediction

  • Simmba will open very well at box office.
  • It is likely to open higher than 60% in all the major Bollywood territories.
  • In few territories, it will go full house on the opening day itself.
  • Performances of male actors will be highly appreciated.
  • Fight sequences will also be appreciated well.
  • Simmba probably will not be able to be on the top 5 blockbusters list.
  • This film will be lucky enough to win some awards.