Weekly Forecast

Weekly forecast 13 January to 19 January 2019


Mind is going to remain extremely active and busy during this week. You may behave more aggressively. Initiatives that you will take, will help finish off many pending tasks. In the business, there will be many ups and downs that you will have to learn to deal with. Those in job will probably be extremely frustrated due to Mercury Saturn degreecal conjunction in Capricorn. Love life may see good days during this week. Those willing to get married, have planets on their side. Suitable match will come your way.


During this week, vitality will matter a lot. You may feel tired and worked up. Increased expenses will end up becoming worrisome as you will find yourself juggling between bank accounts. You love safety and security and you will find it shaking up during this week. Stress related to business will tone down a bit for a while. In job, this may not prove to be very pleasant time. Love life may be passionate and full of intensity. It will be more of physical attraction than heart to heart approach.


This week is going to test your patience. Many things that you thought would finish soon, may be taking longer time than expected. This is the week of having ‘friends with benefits’ so you can count on them. Financial growth may be satisfactory, for the time being. Those looking for partners, business partners or looking forward to do some tie-ups; have luck in their favour. You may not remain in pink of your health during this week.


You will be operating at extremes during this week. Career wise, this could be great time. Business may be going in right direction rapidly. At job, you may remain very comfortable and easy. It is totally up to you, how much pressure you wish to take. Your mood will be depending on your emotional barometer. You will be in position to advise and guide others, despite emotional ups and downs you would be facing. Partnerships that are not fruitful may need to be dissolved. This week may prove to be decisive for personal and professional unions.


This could be extremely busy week for you. Most of the time you will be dealing with issues of one kind or another. Those depending on you, will be counting too much on you. Those whom you depend upon, may prove to be otherwise than your expectations. Your creative thinking and creative approach towards people, situation and odds, may help you handle things in a better manner. This could be one of the hectic most time of your life. Your routine should have moments of respite, else you may feel fatigue and it may leave you frustrated. Moments of romance may prove to be helpful amid ongoing problems.


This week is going to put you under tremendous pressure of proving your metal in your field of work. Those who have recently started new job, may need to remain very alert as they might be questioned for their performance and decisions, both. From business point of view, the week looks less encouraging. It’s time to maintain what you have on hand, rather than thinking to start something new. Expect guests at home. Socializing may increase, like it or not Virgos.


The week looks more active at personal front, rather than at professional front. Events happening in personal life may have more influence on professional life. You will be looking for help from people within the family or within your close circle. Withdrawal symptoms at work or in business, are also foreseen due to imbalance that you are experiencing within. You may often feel lonely and frustrated than usual. You may feel that you are responsible for many things but no one is ready to take your responsibility or no one is willing to share your load. Communicating with beloved, may put your strained nerves at rest. Spend sometime with opposite sex – online or offline – to find solace.


Here comes a week with lot of hopes and aspirations. You may be looking forward to family functions, gatherings and hay-time in life. Those in job may find that things are moving too rapidly and to cope up with the same, you may need to have cool mind. Astro Master doubts if you will be able to control your temper. Including physical exercise in your routine may help channelize your energies. Brain may be loaded with thoughts and things may seem scattered but towards the weekend, you may find moments of respite, despite prevailing circumstances. Your financial graph may go up a bit.


You may remain in romantic mood during this week. Despite financial pressure that you seem to be having on your head since past few weeks, you will be enjoying life in best possible manner. Even if your sanity is lost for a moment, you will regain the lost balance. Social gatherings are most likely. Your travel plans may not go as per your wish. Friends of opposite sex or opposite sex in general, will want to keep in touch with you. Nothing except knowledge will be able to make you feel ‘high’, however intense romance is an exception. With Venus transit through your sign, you must try to spend quality time with your beloved or better half. Your impulse to spend money will remain in control. Good for you Sagittarians.


Of lately, you are feeling detached from near ones and dear ones. Achievements are not giving you desired satisfaction. You are probably at a stage when you don’t know what more you are looking for. Turning inward, may help explore new dimensions of ‘self’. Events happening in outer-world may affect you lesser than usual. Personal life, especially married life may be challenging. You will be worried about your social and professional image. There will be strong desire to enjoy physical pleasure. It’s best time to plan foreign trip or trip to distant place, with your romantic interest.


You are working on many fronts together. During this week, you should try to shink your expectations a bit to meet your priorities. You cannot handle everything all alone. You cannot keep everyone happy. If you understand this, everything will be simplified. Those in job may be feeling like quitting. Those in business will be taking risky decisions but will win. Friendship, new relationship and joyous time – everything is on the cards but you should be able to spare time for the same. This is the right time to cut off from the material world at least for a few days and have gala time with friends.


If you want money, it’s on it’s way. If you want love, it’s just round the corner. If you want success, you are almost there. But if you want happiness, you need to decide first – what makes you happy. Astro Master wants to underline that you should not trust people blindly this week, else you may get disappointed. This is the time to make clear choices and head towards the direction that makes you happy. This applies to job, business, personal life and finances – almost all the areas of importance.