Weekly Forecast

Weekly forecast 3 February to 9 February 2019


Your energies will be operating at higher octave but it will make you feel tired, mentally, physically and emotionally. Ensure that you are not overworked or drained. Luck will surely be with you in certain matters but as far as business goes, you will have to watch out and take each step carefully. Short term financial gains seem to delay and test your patience. This week, you will realise that ‘Friend in need is friend indeed’. Love life or marital relations will reach to peak of understanding provided you also understand that temperament does not solve issues, wisdom does.


During this week, you will be straight forward in your approach towards work and people. You will not be in mood to listen to any excuse. At work or in personal relations, your approach will almost be non-compromising. Those in job will find improvement in job condition and work environment. Those in business will have to focus more on communication and client relations. Gains that you expected this week, may delay a bit. Your focus on joint property/finances may increase, feels Astro Master.


Your brain-cells are more active than usual, during this week. This will make you over-think, over-analyse. Based on these two factors, you may also over-react. Try to stay composed and do not jump on conclusions quickly. Make sure that you have enough evidence and data, before you speak. Job seems to be giving you hope for progress while business seems to be giving challenges in some areas. Finances may not be very stable but smart investment plans will help have stable future. You probably need sensible and professional advise in money matters.


This is going to be very active period at workplace. You will be experiencing good vibes at job. You will probably have to shoulder more responsibilities. In your day to day routine, you may need to guide more people. In business, numbers will matter. Personal life seems bit cloudy this week. Distance between your expectations from the loved ones and reality – will be increasing. Lesser you expect from others, happier you would be. Maintain positive outlook this week and you will sail through it easily.


During this week, you will be dealing with some positive and some negative things. Good part is, you will be finding your decisions regarding business or job – to be very apt to the situation. Bad part is, stress generating moments or situations will not reduce. To set things right in job or business, you will have to go extra mile and put in more efforts. Finding time for ‘self’ will become difficult. Differences with life partner or business partner must be avoided. This is the right time to channelize your energy by starting a diet plan or health regime. Irregular daily routine might affect health.


You may be slogging too much during this week. More working hours does not mean more money or greater professional success. Rather than hard work, you may need to learn to do the smart work. Expenses may be increasing, and you may be thinking to earn extra penny through other means. Think twice before you commit more work because you may not have habit of working beyond your limits. You may face trying time at love/relationship front this week.


During this week, your romantic side will be bit dim. Matters of heart may disappoint you, feels Astro Master. You will be less expressive. In matters of heart, you will take practical decisions. You will focus on your performance at work. Travelling for job and related matters is possible. Those in business, will have to find ways and means to fix ongoing problems. This is not the time to set new goals, instead it’s time to start working on unfinished targets. Whatever is going on in your life at present is although creating a bit of imbalance, soon things are likely to start falling in place.


Expect hectic daily routine this week. You will be focussing on primary needs at job front. Whether you are in job or business, your financial condition is likely to improve. At home, you should avoid arguments with family members. In business, you will be able to expand your contacts. More you contact higher ups in other organizations, better the progress of your business would be. During this week, good news related to a family member may add to your happiness.


This week is going to keep you busy, mentally and physically. Your commercial instincts will be very powerful. Your day to day expenses are likely to increase. Financial pressure that you have, won’t show on your face. You will take things easy as far as money matters are concerned. Business may not have considerable growth. Try to cultivate more patience in regard to the same. Job will be paying you well. In matters related to heart, you are to face bit of disappointment, but things will fall back in place soon.


You believe that there is no substitute of the hard work. There will be dire need of maintaining good terms with business associates but Astro Master doubts if you would be able to do so. Keep your mood swings and temper in control to maintain your personal and professional associations. This week is favourable for purchasing fixed or movable assets. Financial pressure will be there on your head, but it will soon get sorted out. In love relationship, careful and cool approach is required.


Your logical and analytical being is active. No matter how much you try, some of your calculations are going to go wrong. Take it easy. Don’t take temporary failures as permanent debacle. Recurring expenses are likely to increase. Money may be spent on your own or family member’s hospitalization too. On the other hand, unexpected financial gains are also foreseen. At love front, this could be very passionate and romantic week. In job or business, setting short term goals will work better, suggests Astro Master.


During this week, you will be trying to tackle situations with best of your wisdom and intelligence. You should know what is to be handled with emotions and which matter is to be addressed by wisdom. This is slightly tricky week for money matters. Gains seem distant. Don’t lend money to friends, as they may take longer than expected time, in repaying. Long distance trip for a short period might be planned. Those in job will be fed up and will wish to quit.